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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding Tips

Remember, the more relaxed you are in the saddle, the more comfortable your ridewill be.


• Do stay in single file at all times.

• Do always watch your wranglers. A raised hand signals all to stop. Slow your horse to a walk or halt.

• Do sit relaxed in your saddle – not stiff.

• Do Not smoke on the ride.

• Do Not carry bulky or loose objects that could fall and scare a horse.

• Do Not ride up close to the horse in front of you. Stay one horse length apart. When you crowd the horse in front he thinks he is going to be bitten or stepped on, and the natural thing for him to do is KICK. He is not kicking you, but at your horse because you allowed him to get to close. So for your own safety keep your horse in line and well back.

Love of horses and nature has been our reason for being at Pinegrove. We hope you will share with us the wonder and beauty of what nature has given us all. Take time to "Smell the Roses" enjoy your children, and have a wonderful time.

Horseback Trail Riding...Can I Ride?

Pinegrove Ranch has horses perfect for first time riders and horses ready for our advance riding guest. If you are between 7 years and 65 years old, athletic and in good physical health Pinegrove can accommodate your riding needs regardless of previous experience.

Are you between 7 and 65 years old? Yes!
Weigh between 60 lbs and 250 lbs? Yes!
Enjoy hiking, sports and exercise? Yes!
Then...YES we have a horse for you!

All other guest that wish to ride should contact our barn foreman to discuss a riding option to meet your needs.

Barn Foreman: Cowboy Mike,

Bring the family together for an unforgettable adventure and memories to last a lifetime.
Be sure to check out our seasonal specials and holiday events. We also offer all-inclusive group sales packages.

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