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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

At Pinegrove Ranch and Family Resort, you will experience the great outdoors like never before. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful country on the east coast, our resort boasts 600 acres of lush rambling hills in the Catskill Mountains. It is here, where families get close to nature and closer to each other. Riding our beautiful horses through the mountainside trails you’ll be building family memories like no other.

NEW FOR 2013

COOKOUT LUNCH TRAIL RIDE - An exciting, new, interactive ride for advanced level riders. Enjoy an hour advanced ride through the woods to a peaceful location near the lake. Riders will dismount, tie up the horses, assist in feeding and then enjoy a BBQ cookout on the trail! Relax and kick up your feet as the wranglers fire up the BBQ. After a lunch break, riders will mount up and go for an additional 1 hour advanced ride. 12p-3p, Limited availability so make sure you sign up! Extra Cost - 3 Tickets per rider, maximum of 5 riders. Lunch orders are taken at signups the night before the ride. New ride begins May 2013.

HORSE SHOEING DEMONSTRATION - A fun, free, educational demonstration for anyone that wants to learn from our blacksmith. Come to the barn and watch as one of our horses is shoed right in front of you! Guests can keep the old horse shoes that are taken directly off of the horse. New as of February 2013.

PRIVATE TRAIL LESSON - This is ideal for riders that want to learn how to trot or canter. This ride consists of personalized instruction from a wrangler while on a private trail ride. The ride is customized to the rider's individual skill set and is one hour long. Private & Group Trail Lessons available with a minimum of 2 riders per lesson. Extra Cost - $40 per person, limited availability so make sure you sign up! New 2013.

Horseback Trail Riding...Can I Ride?

Pinegrove Ranch has horses perfect for first time riders and horses ready for our advance riding guest. If you are between 7 years and 65 years old, athletic and in good physical health Pinegrove can accommodate your riding needs regardless of previous experience.

Are you between 7 and 65 years old? Yes!
Weigh between 60 lbs and 250 lbs? Yes!
Enjoy hiking, sports and exercise? Yes!
Then...YES we have a horse for you!

All other guest that wish to ride should contact our barn foreman to discuss a riding option to meet your needs.

Barn Foreman: Cowboy Mike,

Bring the family together for an unforgettable adventure and memories to last a lifetime.
Be sure to check out our seasonal specials and holiday events. We also offer all-inclusive group sales packages.

Pinegrove Dude Ranch Beautiful Horses at Pinegrove Dude Ranch Horseback Riding at Pinegrove Dude Ranch